Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lost Angels To Long Bitches.

Today was dedicated to the boyfriend so we started our day off by going to the good old city of LA for a brief visit. The Scientology Center was our destination, and dont get me mixed up it was strictly for buisness purposes. My boyfriend is in a rap group/ also a solo rapper and there was some music oppertunity there to my understanding. I dont know much about the study of Scientology but all i know is that they dont have any problem trying to influence their ideas on you and they dont mind taking lots of your time to do it.
Afterwards we headed back to Long Beach in the downtown area and spend the day bullshiting around and getting into whatever we could. Oh and one word of advice; Never be by the Long Beach Library past 5:00 unless we wanna see spazzed out war veterans, crackheads, and your not so typical neighborhood bum carelessly peeing and roaming about :)

The Final Of The Finals.

Its a late post but on friday i had my last set of finals thank god! I mean can you say boring. Nothing but Geometry theorms, Teddy roosevelt questions, and something about cell sex. Ha Ha in a couple words to sum it all up, School SUCKS! Id probibly get in some sort of trouble for showing these pictures but who gives a fuck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music To Ease The Mind.

I thought about it and music is a big part of my life and may be the only thing that keeps me sane... So i said to myself " Why not post random songs that i like once a week," since today just happened to be tuesday, ill be doing it on tuesdays.Recentally ive been expirencing an obsession with Ryan Leslie. His new Cd may be out and its called Transition but to be honest I havnt heard much of it. I did however listen to this song called To The Top and I love it. Its kinda one of those songs you just vibe to and I know I'm starting out kinda slow on you guys but this is one individual who is really talented.

I Died And Came Back From Heaven...

Ok so this is just a sneak preview of the 2010 summer collection from HELLZ and i am so excited about it. Coming up soon is their trade show in San Diego and because of the "System" and lacking a license im provided with no transportation but if your interested in going you should go check out their blog for more info. Hellz has to be my favorite streetwear brand thats really doing their thing for us ladies and im sure that i can speak for me and my cousin that Lanie is the biggest insperation, Keep it Up !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Worst Comes To Worst.

Today ... I need a moment of silence for today , because if today was not the worst day ive ever had, it came pretty damn close. No need to get into details but lets just say sometimes people can show you there true colors and its even worst when its your own family. Theres a select few people in my life that are important to me and i wouldnt have any one of them not like the other. Talk shit about the people i love and your done in my book, dosnt matter who you are. Sorry for the ranting but im sure yall can relate.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pre Midnight Reflections.

Its 11:45 and at this moment my thoughts are on this year to come. Whos to know what the 2010 year will bring. School should be my first priority but for some reason i could never focus on it ... Imma just fill my time with good people, surround myself with the shit that will help me with my soon to be promising career, and live my life Wasted.