Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out Of Wind ... Flew A Rose

F21 Dusty Rose Pearl Cardigan| High-Waisted Cargo Leggings| UO Black V-Neck Tank| Vintage Briefcase Bag| F21 Workman Boots
Finally get to post again after my more than 2 week hiatus. I love this new cardi that ive recently got because of its color. With Spring quickly apporaching there are so many pastel and floral pieces that i cant wait to wear and this is definatly the start of it. I felt very girly today but i still wanted to add something a little more edgy than,for example, a tulle skirt of some type of flowy dress. Since ive been looking for the perfect pair of cargos for so long now, i was dying to wear them. Although you cant see all the details in the outfit the cardigan has tiny little pearls all over it and i love the way it complements my red wayfarers. Within the next couple of months ill definatly be able to post alot more and im so excited to do more things with my blog soon. A few things i wanna do really soon is a Q&A post, a givaway post, and updating my ebay store. So stay tuned for that but in the meantime dont hesitate to comment and make sure you check out my Chictopia here, my Lookbook here, and subscribe to me on Bloglovin here

Thursday, January 06, 2011

365 of Pure Goodness.

L/S Black V-Neck Shirt| Blue Studded Body Con Skirt| Thrifted Blue Belt| Studded Drawstring Bag| Aldo Booties
Happy belated 1 year anniversary to myself. Although I'm a day late i thought i would still let it be known that yesterday was the 1 year mark when i first started this blog. I would have never guessed that i would have people who followed my blog and showed me so much support for what i do. Just wanna say thanks to my followers and the many people who return to visit my blog. Now for the outfit you might be able to tell that the first picture and the rest might be slightly different; hence the belt and the bracelets. Due to the shifty indecisive California weather, i had to shoot on two separate occasions which is the main reason for the minor alterations. I'm really in love with darker colors and i would have never thought id love a darker lip color. I think ill be using the color alot from now on!