Friday, August 05, 2011

& If I Didnt Say It, Ill Always Love You ...

Striped button up Top & Olive skirt from F21 | Bucket bag & Grey Suede Sandals from Urban Outfitters 

Sorry to all my readers for my periods of absence. I know you guys understand that bloggers have a life outside of the internet. But I'm gonna take this time to update you guys on a couple of things. Honestly the last 72 hours have been crazy for me. Really the only way to describe how i feel is depressed and devastated. So i decided to go to the beach today to get some fresh air. I'm sure you guys know just like i do that being in the house when your going through things only makes it worst. I chose to dress casual and paired this super cute striped shirt i got recently from forever 21 with my olive skirt that you guys might recognize from a previous post, which BTW shrunk in the wash. Aha bad idea! But aside from that I'm know you guys have probably noticed that my blog looks a little different. I felt that it was definitely time for a little change so hopefully you guys enjoy the new Living Life Wasted. Also coming extremely soon will be the launch of my shop where ill have an updated way to view and purchase items from my closet.