Thursday, June 17, 2010

Toy Soldier.

Today my and my dad decided to indulge in a little time out together and with everyone having Laker Fever, an Irish Sports Bar was our place of choice. I never knew how much knowledge i lacked on the history of Long Beach. Considering the fact that Ive lived here all my life you'd expect me to know a little more about the "Old Days" of this Oceanside town. While footing it to the eatery i stumbled upon a tiny little store front with the words "History Society of Long Beach" on it, and was completely intrigued by the imagery. Inside i found a number of antiques and artifacts from the 1940's to 50' era and learned alot about what it was like to live in a period of time when war was soon to break out. Who knew that the legendary Pike used to have an enormous rollercoaster, and that people all around the world would come just to visit it. The fashion in those times seemed like they were so influential and I'm still waiting to see a designer capture the essence of war clothing. In the pictures below you will see Red Cross uniforms, newspaper ads, and photos of army ships. I absolutely love the blue nurse dress and id love to add it to my wardrobe, Although id take a couple inches off at the bottom and add a belt around the waist ... Anyhow feast you eyes on the pictures below.
PS. Sorry for no picture of the outfit, with a new hopefull job venture ill be showing you more.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Its To Die For.

The Anticipation is boiling over.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Friday, June 04, 2010


Photos by Miguel Diaz de Lopez
Studs, Safety pins, Rock bands , and anything else of the sort would be a perfect example of what were channeling at the moment. The heels on my feet were the most painful things ever but somehow i still maneged to pull it together. Anyway time for some much needed Promotions ...
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

September Second Two Thousand Eight.

Photos by Miguel Diaz de Lopez
My most better days wouldnt be today, and it may not be tommorow, or even the day after that. With the help of Bri, im indulging in a crash course of Phsycology 101. Understanding the mind and the way it works is not on a simplistic level. I guess the months ahead will be the hardest due to heartbreak of my lifelonglover. Step 1? Step 2?  No i chose step 3: Depression. Hopefully Step 4 will bring nothing but strengh and understanding. A word of advice : When you love , love hard . And with that being said if "oompa" of two years someday ecounters my rants on  relationships just know that within the naked eye, i left with an i love you, a kiss, and a permanent place for you in my heart.