Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ashley Olsen For Fashion Magazine September 2010

I absolutely love Ashley Olsen in the September issue of Fashion Magazine. She truly captured effortless excellency with being so naturally beautiful.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Modern Women, With Some Not So Modern Tendencies.

Hello lovelies, a small piece of satisfaction in the form of imagery is what i present to you today. I find my life pulling me in a thousand and one direction these days, making it very hard for me to frequently update my blog. I'm getting pretty tired of saying that ill be posting more and i really just need to prioritize. I just cant wait to get back in the swing of things, where my schedule is nothing short of the word hectic! It might seem strange but this kickback summer has made me miss having things to do if that makes sense.Due to my overload of purses, addiction to buying unnecessary things, and my habit of packing a house and home with me everywhere i go, i will be selling a load of things.Including this purse you see above. Its an adorably cute black studded purse with tassels on the side, giving it just the extra sense of perfection. Plus I'm thinking of doing something new to my hair considering the fact that I've done nothing to it since i was little (had to cut it because of a rubber band accident ha!) any suggestions?
+ thanks to the new subscribers that I've accumulated within the last couple of days.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honey, Its Just Me And You ... Against The World.

Interesting Fact: I wore two different earrings; A feather on one side and a pearl on the other. It has become my new favorite combo.
Thrifted Jean Jacket, Striped Dress Courtesy Of Brianna, Bag From My Mom, China Glaze Nail Polish in China Rouge.
Ive had this dress for quiet some time (1 year to be exact) and i never wore it.I guess my eye for wardrobe combinations weren't as keen as i believe them to be now. Yesterday i went to signal hill to get a wonderfull view of all of Long Beach and might i say it was spectacular. There i got beautiful scenic photos and the highlight of the day was defiantly taking pictures of a man proposing to his girlfriend. What an inspiration that was and it now has me contemplating designing my future wedding.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Mix The Old With The New.

In This Fight, Ill Always Win.

As you can probably tell my Sheer long sleeve blouse has become a staple item in my wardrobe and i find it very hard not to get the urge to want to wear it every day.Today i went to engage in some more than authentic Chinese food, and if you've ever been to PF Chang's you know exactly what I'm talking about. Can you say Mm to Kung Pao Chicken, Wontons, and Northern spare ribs? It was a lovely day today and i shared it with my dad and little sister who has a tendency to always amaze me with her sarcastic phrases. We purchased a bubble machine and it was all over from there. Its like it offers uncontrollable amounts of fun, well at least until you run out of bubbles.
PS. Who wants to win me tickets to Rock The Bellz 2010!?
and by the way i went back to try on the Sam Edelman Clogs just to see what they'd look like judging the fact that I've never tried on clogs before and there were so damn comfortable. Unfortunately i didn't buy them due to the excess amount of a platform and a lack of a places to where them to.

Music To Ease The Mind.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Take It Or Leave It, Their Great You Better Believe It.

F21 Shirt, F21 Bag, Distressed denim shorts, BCBG Laguna Wedges, Hot Pink Sephora Lipstick & Sally Hanson nail polish in Sheer Me Now.
Ahhh! I can finally breath. I'm feeling alot better these days and the fact that Ive been purchasing alot of much needed items I'm sure that didn't hurt. Today i came up on a deal and invested in some BCBG Wedges and they have now become my favorite shoes of the moment. There intense relaxing factor makes the shoes skip the "unbearable 4" + heels list". I got the chance to see the Sam Edelman buckle clogs and the studded clogs which both retail for about 168$ but i found them for 70 bucks. I didn't buy them but maybe ill add them to my future wish list. I also stocked up to satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder with rings and purchased  four new ones which two of them are displayed above. One has an inspired Aztec feel to it with a gorgeous turquoise stone in the middle and the other is a snake. I'm beginning to realize that summer is almost over and i have to say that I'm very sad but this also means that i will be trying to work on many more projects if time and transportation permits me. Hopefully when i get my paypal account straightened out i can run my ebay shop again and try to sell some items from my closet. Keep your eyes on the look out for that.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Take Me To A Better Place, Let Me Enjoy And Take It All In.

Today i was feeling a little better I'm still not in the best condition but i keep praying that things hopefully look up for me. I needed to get some fresh air so i went out and took a little stroll and spent some time listening to encouraging words. Whatevs, i also found this caution tape that had the perfect phrase for the way i currently feel. I know i said i wouldn't be posting for a couple of days but i figured i give you guys some kinda visual on how I'm doing and whats going on. I didn't feel like dressing up or anything so today basically consisted in a more then casual ensemble.