Thursday, August 05, 2010

Take It Or Leave It, Their Great You Better Believe It.

F21 Shirt, F21 Bag, Distressed denim shorts, BCBG Laguna Wedges, Hot Pink Sephora Lipstick & Sally Hanson nail polish in Sheer Me Now.
Ahhh! I can finally breath. I'm feeling alot better these days and the fact that Ive been purchasing alot of much needed items I'm sure that didn't hurt. Today i came up on a deal and invested in some BCBG Wedges and they have now become my favorite shoes of the moment. There intense relaxing factor makes the shoes skip the "unbearable 4" + heels list". I got the chance to see the Sam Edelman buckle clogs and the studded clogs which both retail for about 168$ but i found them for 70 bucks. I didn't buy them but maybe ill add them to my future wish list. I also stocked up to satisfy my obsessive compulsive disorder with rings and purchased  four new ones which two of them are displayed above. One has an inspired Aztec feel to it with a gorgeous turquoise stone in the middle and the other is a snake. I'm beginning to realize that summer is almost over and i have to say that I'm very sad but this also means that i will be trying to work on many more projects if time and transportation permits me. Hopefully when i get my paypal account straightened out i can run my ebay shop again and try to sell some items from my closet. Keep your eyes on the look out for that.

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GREEDS said...

So pretty + I'm glad that you're feeling a lot better.

I'm planning on replying to you from my blog, but I figure you'll definitely see it if I just reply on yours.
I didn't receive your email, I'm not sure why...
Usually all of my emails are sent to my phone, as well.
But I'm definitely interested in what it said.
Just shoot me another email when you have a chance:
I'll be keeping my eyes open for it.

Stay well. <3