Saturday, July 31, 2010

Behind The Insecurities.

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Within these writing is an unconditional love for you... you'll know who you are:

At the moment I'm taking a step back from a lot of things in my life and just trying to sort everything out. I think one saying that still confuses me and is one thing that I've heard most of my life is how smart and beautiful I am but I'm starting to wonder why people don't take full advantage of that. Ill never completely take ones opinion of me too seriously but I often have to re-evaluate myself as a person living in this world. I can say just like most people today would agree that I don't know all the answers to this crazy thing called life. There's many things I don't understand nor will I understand for some time to come. But I do hope that the people in my life can deal with my lack of understanding and accept me full and whole for the person that I showcase to be. I'm sure most of you have read several post from my blog with a not so happy annotation to them and with the fact that this is my personal blog I try to be as personal as I possibly can.Therefore i wont take a bunch of pictures portraying this image as if my life is perfect and that there's never a time when i feel like i just wanna say "fuck my life". Honestly there's so many things that people have to go through and feel that are so unfair and i can say that Ive been crying so much between yesterday and today that crying doesn't seem foreign to me , its like the tears fall out so frequently they've grown a sort of normalcy.It dosnt help that every damn sad song ever made seems to play non stop and that everything reminds of so many funtimes. But at the end of the day there's sometimes nothing you can do, as long as you know that you've tried until you couldn't give anymore. I might not be posting for a couple of days, I feel like within my life problems I've lost myself and I'm the most sad I've been in a while. Hopefully a turn of events will end up in my favor and the life I've experienced for the last two years will present itself again and in change it'll be a much happier life for me.

Thank you lovelies for continuing to read my blog,

amara nichole.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Its That Kinda Thing , That Just Keeps Coming Back!

Its a shame you guys cant see this shirt in its fullness but i found it in an old closet buried under tons of highly aged forgotten things. Once belonging to my mom i realize what incredible style she used to have. Ive seen so many pictures of her in sheer long sleeve blouses, high waisted leather skirts, sailor inspired cardigans, and four plus inch heels. I can completely understand how age and kids can affect alot of things in your life but i often wonder if i will loose some of my sense of style. Anywho check my Lookbook and dont forget to follow on bloglovin. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Im A Lone Wolf, Going Wherever The Wind Takes Me ...

Dress from F21, Booties from Aldo, and Bag from F21.
Current Wants: Jeffrey Campbell Floral Wedges, Armor Rings, Acid Wash Shorts, etc.
California is providing so much good weather for non stop photo ops. Though i must admit at times the overbearing heat can make me just want to say "got damn its hot" i still can say this will be one eventful productive summer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Erin Wasson for RVCA Fall 2010

I love how the simplicity of this seems to be the icing on the cake to making this lookbook so effortlessly perfect.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Show Me The Life.

Thrifted Polka Dotted Blouse, Thrifted Levi Shorts, UO Sandals, F21 Bag.
There's something about living by the ocean in the summertime that makes an unexplainable sense of happiness consume your soul. Originally i was supposed to indulge in some shopping but as the day strolled along, so did i. I went down to 2nd street in Belmont Shore and every boutique there is absolutely to-dye-for "peep that from the Hellz 2010 summer collection". So many amazing store fronts with everything from couture dressed to puppies displayed in windows. While going in a store full of garden trinkets and anything else with a sense of zen to it, i discovered one of the best ways to become relaxed. Incents! I think i will be doing some major stockage on the tiny sticks of fragrance in the very near future.
Fact: I don't know how i manage to do it but all of my pictures on this blog have been taking with no tripod. Ha you can only imagine the many weird places i set my camera on top of.
& If your in Alhambra Go Check out QqasshOnly @ Rock The Mic pt.2

Monday, July 12, 2010

Never Looking Down, I'm Just In Awe Of Whats In Front Of Me.

Yesterdays Agenda: Mummies Of The World exhibit at the California Science Center , stuff my face immensely, spend tons of $$$ at the museums gift shop, Check! This exhibit was one of the most interesting Ive seen. There you can see people from Asia, Egypt, and Europe. There was one in particular that caught my eye and it was a mother holding her two children as they died. They don't know how or what cause the pair of threes death but it was one of the most intriguing that where showcased. If you ever get the chance to go make sure you check out the gift shop where i indulged in some more much needed jewelry shopping which i will present to you in other posts.

BTW; Peep this amazing bracelet my aunt gave me. I felt like the it completely captures the whole Egyptian theme of the day and drop down beads added a whole nothing attractive aesthetic to it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

You Give Me Love...You Give Me Blood.

Picture 028
Picture 051
A lovesick vampire vs A determined werewolf. Yes, i to have fell into the uncontrollable spontaneous obsessions that emerge when watching Eclipse. Me and my honey went to see the movie today and although there was much more action in this film, i was a tad bit disappointed. On the other hand I'm currently having an extreme desire to stock up on some good jewelry especially rings. The two you see above were not initially an eye catcher for me but my boyfriend picked them out, and upon trying them on i absolutely loved them. I don't usually like shopping at forever 21. I hate the fact that everyone wheres the same things and especially when just by looking at something that you know was purchased there. I'm not a big fan of mass produced clothing but every once in a while i go and check out what they have. You can find these two rings there.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Im Convinced, Its More Than An Obsession.

I would kill, jump off a cliff, and cut all the hair on my head for these babies!
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Sunday, July 04, 2010

We Salute Us ...

Haapy Independence day or Happy 4th of July... Whatever floats your boat,
Have lots of fun and if its illegal to have fireworks in your city , then dont get caught!

A Vacation Is Like Love ... Anticipated With Pleasure, Experienced With Discomfort, And Remembered With Nostalgia.

This weekends summer Get-A-Way was to San Diego. Although most of my time was consumed by spending hours with my family and producing laughs over more than hilarious stories, i did get a chance to get a taste of what San Diego is like. Saturdays hold a Farmers Market called the Little Italy Mercado in the Little Italy District of San Diego. There i purchased a ring made of original Japanese Paper.

Things To Do This Summer: Spend lots of time with my family, Increase my weekly cash flow, Get nothing but sun-kissed skin, Take lots of photos of things Ive never seen, Surround myself with good and positive people, and Keep living life wasted!