Monday, July 12, 2010

Never Looking Down, I'm Just In Awe Of Whats In Front Of Me.

Yesterdays Agenda: Mummies Of The World exhibit at the California Science Center , stuff my face immensely, spend tons of $$$ at the museums gift shop, Check! This exhibit was one of the most interesting Ive seen. There you can see people from Asia, Egypt, and Europe. There was one in particular that caught my eye and it was a mother holding her two children as they died. They don't know how or what cause the pair of threes death but it was one of the most intriguing that where showcased. If you ever get the chance to go make sure you check out the gift shop where i indulged in some more much needed jewelry shopping which i will present to you in other posts.

BTW; Peep this amazing bracelet my aunt gave me. I felt like the it completely captures the whole Egyptian theme of the day and drop down beads added a whole nothing attractive aesthetic to it.

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