Saturday, July 10, 2010

You Give Me Love...You Give Me Blood.

Picture 028
Picture 051
A lovesick vampire vs A determined werewolf. Yes, i to have fell into the uncontrollable spontaneous obsessions that emerge when watching Eclipse. Me and my honey went to see the movie today and although there was much more action in this film, i was a tad bit disappointed. On the other hand I'm currently having an extreme desire to stock up on some good jewelry especially rings. The two you see above were not initially an eye catcher for me but my boyfriend picked them out, and upon trying them on i absolutely loved them. I don't usually like shopping at forever 21. I hate the fact that everyone wheres the same things and especially when just by looking at something that you know was purchased there. I'm not a big fan of mass produced clothing but every once in a while i go and check out what they have. You can find these two rings there.

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Greeds. said...

You're really pretty + have amazing style.

I'm glad I found your blog in the Lookbook blog forum.

Following. :)