Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Loss For Words...

Sleeveless Blouse from H&M| Grey Leggings| Heels from Love Culture| Satchel From Target
The month of March is almost over already and it is just me or is this year flying by at an insanely fast rate. Sheesh hard to even rap my head around it! Anyway I'm sure by now all of you guys have heard about the Proenza Schouler Ps1 Satchel that has been taking the fashion world. How lovely is this inspired PS1 satchel from Mossimo via Target. I completely fell in love with it when i saw it and there was no doubt in my mind that the white one had to be mine. I definitely think that if you've been eyeing the PS1 but not the $1595 price tag then this is a really good alternative. One thing I've been thinking about lately, especially when I'm writing a post, is do you guys even read what i write. Honestly i never thought of myself as such an interesting person and i must admit that i sometimes go to my favorite blogs and just skim through the words because of the pictures being my main interest. Just a thought i guess. I'm also starting to notice that the weather is getting alot better. Although i don't want to speak too soon and jinx it i think this is finally becoming the perfect weather. I'm even thinking about going on a little getaway in June. What do you guys think Santa Barbara or Palm Springs?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Fresh Twist.

Sheer Blouse from H&M|Skirt courtesy of my sister|Belt from H&M|Vintage bag|Nude Heels from F21
Recently I've been wanting to take a turn from my usual serious looks and opt for a more girly look. With this ever so changing weather that seems like it never wants to make up its mind, its hard to know what exactly to wear that will fit the temperature. Although it may not look like it, i was freezing with the cold wind fronts that seemed to keep coming. Ahh there's not enough times that i can say "I cant wait for spring/summer!" On a side note i love this floral skirt i borrowed from my sister and it was such a fresh addition to the outfit and really made me feel so feminine. I also loved how it complimented my nude heels. Some of you guys may not be able to see the ring i have on but its a gold ring with a pink stone and crackled details and the reason i picked it up is because it reminded me so much of the YSL rings with the similar stone.

  Its a very rare occasion that i play around with my hair and I'm not exactly sure why i don't but i always do my hair the way that's easiest or doesn't take too long of a time. But today with the "Pro-Feminist" theme i did a side bun with a really cute braid in the front and i think ill be doing it this way much more often... And if any of you guys live in California then lets all hope for warmer weather!

+ Also a note to my followers i would love to hear feedback from all you lovely ladies about my blog. Anything you guys would like to see or any requested posts for the future. Definitely don't be afraid to leave me a comment you guys always keep my inspired and make me enjoy what i do even more!