Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Things Are Just Black & White.

Terracotta Colored Blazer | Victorian style blouse from F21 | H&M Leggings |  Vintage Clutch | F21 Accessories

While i was out to grab a bite to eat today, i stumbled upon the most gorgeous white house with a beautiful landscape to match it. Perfect photo op moment ! I chose to keep my overall outfit very black & white with pops of color from my blazer, cardigan, and lipstick color. My main inspiration for my wardrobe choice was my new 
. I loved its dark and edgy feel and the layered chains with a trio of embellished crosses just made it that much more awesome. Although 2 days from now marks the official  start of Winter i felt the additions of  brown, orange ,and red tones paid respect to the departure of fall. I cant explain how joyous this time of the year is to me. There's nothing better then watching your favorite Christmas movies, the smell of real Christmas trees, indulging in all the holiday inspired beverages and appreciating the dedication to Christmas decorating that true Christmas lovers display.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Grey I Went for a walk On A Winter's Day.

Red Double Breasted Coat from F21 + Black Long Sleeve Tulip Dress from H&M + Mustard Colored scarf  +  Belt from Foreign Exchange + Brown Suede Ankle Boots from Fossil

I'm Alive! I know I know , I've been gone for a while and there's no way to explain the immense feeling of guilt i have when i don't post for you guys. But I'm sure you guys understand that we all get busy with the demands of life. 

Well lately I've been really loving the opportunities for layering that this time of the year gives.Between chunky sweaters, scarfs , and boots I've been trying to stock up on my fall fashion essentials. Living in California isn't the idealist place for hiding behind bundles of clothes but i think that as long as you own a good pair of boots, a trench coat, and  a scarf then you've added pieces to your wardrobe that can be worn so many different ways. Fall has definitely been my main influence in my outfit choices. Today i couldn't help but take in the sight of the different colored leaves and the red ones appealed to me the most. Hence my red jacket that some of you might recognize from a previous post around this time last year. I absolutely cannot part with this jacket (not that I've tried to) but it seems that when I'm looking to add some UMPH! to my outfit on a cold chilly day, i always tend to reach for it. 

I'm also wanting some feedback from you guys on any special posts you'd like me to do. One reader suggested i do a "13 piece 15 looks" post were basically i take the same 13 pieces of clothing and show you guys how to make 15 looks out of it. Just a thought. Let me know if you guys would like to see that or have any other requests!