Saturday, February 26, 2011

Her Catwalk Feature.

Hi guys, so Ive been away for a while but trust me ill be posting more soon. I always miss putting up new things for all of my lovely readers, but in the meantime check out my interview with  Her Catwalk. In case some of you guys aren't familiar with Her Catwalk they are a blog that features many different aspects of fashion. From events to other interviews with fashion bloggers, they display a wide array of the fashion community. Definitely check them out!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Spring Fever.

Pale Pinks


So I'm sure if your into reading fashion blogs at the moment you know that spring definitely has some popular colors. From pale pinks to cream toned whites, there are many hues that would go well with the upcoming season. Dusty rose colors and many different variations of beige are some of those staple pigments, but i thought id show you something a little different. Many pastel colors could work, but i love the way mint green, off white, and chocolate brown look together. Ill definitely be looking out for more pieces of these colors and i think that they will complement every one's personal style. Although some of the items listed above are way far fetched and are over budget of what id like to spend, you can still take inspiration from each piece and see how you can fit it into your wardrobe.

So 80's Purple is having a contest for Valentine's Day and i think the concept is a very refreshing one. Not everyone has happy memories on past valentines day and instead of people being sad and down 80's Purple wants you to tell them what you would do to luxuriate yourself on V day. The Contest is open until February 9th and you'll be entering for a chance to win Report Signature Fairfax Boots worth 450$. All you have to do is go to 80's Purple blog 
and comment on the post below. To find out who the winner is they will be announcing it on there blog on February 9th at midnight PST. So definitely go check that out!
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