Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Swift Trip To San Diego.

 Blouse from H&M | Shorts & Bags from Forever 21 | Leopard Loafers | Watch from Target

Here's a quick compilation of San Diego through my eyes. I took a weekend trip and these are just some of the images of what my trip consisted of. I was surprisingly greeted by so many colorful birds from the hotel lobby and on the way to my room there was a mother duck with all her baby ducklings walking in a line. Truly a sight to see! If you guys ever want to have an unforgettable stay in San Diego i would suggest staying at the Catamaran hotel in Mission Bay. As far as fashion wise i wasn't able to take alot of pictures of my outfits due to it only being a weekend trip but i would say that i was definitely casual chic. In the pictures above i was in a more daring mood so i decided to clash patterns and mix my black floral shorts with my leopard loafers. I definatly loved the way it turned out. Even though the trip was a very brief one, its definatly got me in the mood to hit the road again!
     Bathing suit from Target | Arm Candy from F21 & Target