Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Fresh Twist.

Sheer Blouse from H&M|Skirt courtesy of my sister|Belt from H&M|Vintage bag|Nude Heels from F21
Recently I've been wanting to take a turn from my usual serious looks and opt for a more girly look. With this ever so changing weather that seems like it never wants to make up its mind, its hard to know what exactly to wear that will fit the temperature. Although it may not look like it, i was freezing with the cold wind fronts that seemed to keep coming. Ahh there's not enough times that i can say "I cant wait for spring/summer!" On a side note i love this floral skirt i borrowed from my sister and it was such a fresh addition to the outfit and really made me feel so feminine. I also loved how it complimented my nude heels. Some of you guys may not be able to see the ring i have on but its a gold ring with a pink stone and crackled details and the reason i picked it up is because it reminded me so much of the YSL rings with the similar stone.

  Its a very rare occasion that i play around with my hair and I'm not exactly sure why i don't but i always do my hair the way that's easiest or doesn't take too long of a time. But today with the "Pro-Feminist" theme i did a side bun with a really cute braid in the front and i think ill be doing it this way much more often... And if any of you guys live in California then lets all hope for warmer weather!

+ Also a note to my followers i would love to hear feedback from all you lovely ladies about my blog. Anything you guys would like to see or any requested posts for the future. Definitely don't be afraid to leave me a comment you guys always keep my inspired and make me enjoy what i do even more!


NikkiSho said...

you look lovely!!!beautiful outfit from H to T.
i will love to see more ootd posts :)

JAZZA. said...

You are so pretty :)
and your hair looks great!
I love your blouse!

Great blog!

AG-wardrobe said...

love your outfit. you are soooo beautiful :)

Isabel Spectre said...

That blouse is so beautiful! You look really great.. wow <3

Anonymous said...

you should do one of those "13 pieces 15 looks" entries. i love those so much & i think it'd be great to see what oyu come up with. <3

C & M said...

god i love your blog! and your outfits are really amazing!<3
Im going to follow for sure!!

Box Moon Babble said...

Great outfit, I LOVE your shirt.


sandraaa_xo said...

such a beautiful outfit, you look beautiful :)

We are said...

You look so cute great outfit

Style & Poise said...

LOVE THIS!!! So Cute! Shoes are Gorge!!!!! Loving the Floral Skirt!!! Now following!!!