Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Show Me The Life.

Thrifted Polka Dotted Blouse, Thrifted Levi Shorts, UO Sandals, F21 Bag.
There's something about living by the ocean in the summertime that makes an unexplainable sense of happiness consume your soul. Originally i was supposed to indulge in some shopping but as the day strolled along, so did i. I went down to 2nd street in Belmont Shore and every boutique there is absolutely to-dye-for "peep that from the Hellz 2010 summer collection". So many amazing store fronts with everything from couture dressed to puppies displayed in windows. While going in a store full of garden trinkets and anything else with a sense of zen to it, i discovered one of the best ways to become relaxed. Incents! I think i will be doing some major stockage on the tiny sticks of fragrance in the very near future.
Fact: I don't know how i manage to do it but all of my pictures on this blog have been taking with no tripod. Ha you can only imagine the many weird places i set my camera on top of.
& If your in Alhambra Go Check out QqasshOnly @ Rock The Mic pt.2

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GREEDS said...

That blouse is great... I was actually thinking of getting that bag from F21 for next semester. It's really cute, you have such good taste. ;)