Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Modern Women, With Some Not So Modern Tendencies.

Hello lovelies, a small piece of satisfaction in the form of imagery is what i present to you today. I find my life pulling me in a thousand and one direction these days, making it very hard for me to frequently update my blog. I'm getting pretty tired of saying that ill be posting more and i really just need to prioritize. I just cant wait to get back in the swing of things, where my schedule is nothing short of the word hectic! It might seem strange but this kickback summer has made me miss having things to do if that makes sense.Due to my overload of purses, addiction to buying unnecessary things, and my habit of packing a house and home with me everywhere i go, i will be selling a load of things.Including this purse you see above. Its an adorably cute black studded purse with tassels on the side, giving it just the extra sense of perfection. Plus I'm thinking of doing something new to my hair considering the fact that I've done nothing to it since i was little (had to cut it because of a rubber band accident ha!) any suggestions?
+ thanks to the new subscribers that I've accumulated within the last couple of days.

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♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

gorgeous blazer hun, you look great!