Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper for MAC Viva Glam

I can say that I'm not the biggest fan of Lady Gaga like every other chick that claims to think her choice of clothing is so called "Couture" and her way of behaving is "Idol worthy", im sorry but i beg to differ. Although i do have those opinions on her I'm really feeling her lipstick color for the upcoming Viva Glam Collection with her and Cyndi Lauper. Its like the perfect bubblegum pink color that I've always been looking for. Im not sure if this color will suit me but im sure as hell gonna try it out before everyone gets there hands on it and why not support a good cause at the same time. MAC takes all their proceeds from the Viva Glam Collections 100% to MAC’s Aids Fund. Theres also the Cyndi Lauper shade which is a coral red type color but im not too crazy about it, seems like a color you can definatly find a dupe for in a drug store or anywhere that sells makeup. One of these babies can be all yours for $14.00.

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