Monday, February 22, 2010

More Important Things In Life.

 There are so many things in this world that make life so hard, but one of biggest things are breakups and its becomes even harder when your in love with them. Keeping a relationship good is always hard and takes a lot of work. People make mistakes and do things that hurt one another. My philosophy is that if you love someone then you should give them a second chance. The only exception to that rule is cheating. Cheaters will do it again, but other than that everyone needs to be able to redeem themselves. One of peoples favorite sayings is to forgive and forget, but often times people just seem to forget the forgive part. With forgiveness comes trust and once you loose that it can become hard to get it back. But once someone says they'll forgive you, you kinda expect them to try to trust you, right? Even though trust doesn't come easy and its something you have to gain, it almost becomes impossible if your partner assumes your doing something wrong therefore not giving you the chance to get it back. And even though the relationship may not have been all good I'm sure it wasn't all bad. There's been plenty of relationships that have lacked trust but have gained it back by hard work and effort from not only the one that lost it but also from the one who needs to give it. Just to put it in a few words if you love someone just give them a fair chance at love because people can learn from their mistakes and try to think about how important the person is before you break up with them. Lets Keep Love Alive.

PS. Nick I love you with everything I have ...

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