Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nails Did.

How bomb are these black lace nails?There so simple yet catch your attention. Ive been kind of obsessing over nails lately and i can say that two of my favorite nail brands are China Glaze and OPI. I'm not sure if its normal to have a favorite nail polish brand but nonetheless i do. I'm more of a Au Naturale! type of person. Heres one of my favorite colors from OPI by Sephora and its called Lets Do Lunch!

On the other hand, Im not sure if people have gotten hit over the head or something but i see something thats sadly becoming a trend. Might I add that id never fall into getting these "Acrylic mess of a  I dont know what they wanna call it." Im beggining to see more and more girls that seem to be confused and they actually think these are cute. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion and everyone is entitiled to their own ideas but damn i think most people would agree with me.

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