Monday, March 22, 2010

"When Life Gives You Lemons ...

Does anyone know what you do?  You Paint That Shit Gold".
Staring you guys off with some inspirational words from the genius minds of Atmosphere. Today i took a trip to downtown Los Angeles to meet with an adviser at The Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising better known as Fidm. Being my first time there i was overwhelmed with the immense talent that the people who attended possessed. The Meeting was an hour long conversation about the depressing state of my current grades, but i couldn't help but to feel like i was already attending there. I was also intrigued by the amazing display of original sketches by highly noted designers like Yves Saint Laurent,Christian Dior, and Chanel. Unfortunately Fidm didn't allow me to take photos of them but if you ever get the chance to visit you should defiantly check it out. I got a couple of souvenirs from their store including a fidm sticker which i modified an old notepad with, a pen with their logo on it, and a ridiculously cute tea cup with "The Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising" on it in the most innocent type of cursive font. Afterwords my dad accompanied me on our quest to find the perfect french dip sandwich. Fortunately we found our way at an Irish restaurant where i enjoyed a big dipper and some french fries accompanied by a coke float. Now ending the day off with unpredictable phone conversations with the boyfriend and overdue biology homework from last week.
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