Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Carelessness In Clothing Is Moral Suicide!

The expanding plate of responsibilities i am taking on (especially school being the winning contender in the category) has life made head on the fast lane. I'm sure you've noticed my long overdue absence of posts but please expect this within the next couple of months due to the fact of "shit that needs to be handled" for an individual with the age of seventeen years old. Nevertheless i did promise to start selling some of my clothes, shoes, acc, etc and Ive been working non stop to get everything together. My eBay page is now up and i will be adding more items throughout the week so as long as time permits me.You can click on the link here, or you can click the first picture above with the lovely words shop wasted on them. Hm i cant wait to be able to relax soon and a trip to the good old town of Las Vegas seems like it will definitely be in my near future. Instead of racking up air mileage i think some good cruising down Route 66 while enjoying the deserted goodness and the pebble engulfed wind in my face will be much more satisfying.

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