Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring The New Year On Baby ...

The new year is an unforgatable reminder of how life is a mystery. This year has come and gone and it was more than satisfying. I became a senior in highschool, completed drivers ed, got my first job selling all kinds of shoe candy, I got to go to new places and see new things, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend,and I bought many memorable clothing items to add to 2010's wardrobe. There will be many things that ill miss from this year but also things that I'm definatly looking foward to for the next and with that being said  below you will find things that I look foward to this year.
My New Years resolution will be to leave my mistakes in 2010 and begin 2011 with a new aspect on life. To sum it all up the New Year will not only bring 365 days to indulge in shopping, many random photo ops, and more trips to explore new places but it will also bring insight on life and with everyday ill learn something new.
Happy New Years!

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