Sunday, June 26, 2011

China Town.

ASOS Tab Shoulder Layered Shirt | Bucket Bag from Urban Outfitters | ASOS APPLEBY Leather Ankle Boots

The sun is scorching the streets of LA and my outfit choice surely didn't provide any relief. I guess there's no one else to blame but myself! I decided to dress down today while taking a trip to Chinatown. I had vague memories since i haven't been there since i was really little but pleasantly surprised with the beauty of it all. Although i only got some jewelry and a few other knick-knacks, there were alot of shopping opportunities for many cute items. Peep the jade bracelet in the second to last picture that i acquired while there. The highlight of my day was definitely tossing a coin in the Chinese fountain (which is supposed to bring good luck) and drinking my favorite tea in the world ... Thai tea!


Jennifer Alyssa said...


mickey Vin said...

I love those shoes =)

Shasie said...

Aww you are so pretty! Love your hair like that, and great shades
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amara nichole. said...

@Mickey Vin
thank you! btw i love your drawings!

S.P. said...

I love your shirt. Asos make such beautiful pieces!
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NRC♥ said...

your hair looks fantastic in these shots. I like the picture of you in the red dress!