Wednesday, May 05, 2010

America, The Beautiful ...


Showing : One of my favorite shirts from Hellz which i think was from their summer 2008 collection which i turned into a tank, vintage high waisted powder blue shorts, and the ever so classic necessity black knee-hi.
If you embark on reading the text below you may notice that it was attached to a previous post but i thought it would suit these pictures a little better.

I didn't use a gun ,

my mouth piece was my weapon of choice,
and if you thought that was something ,
I even used my immense sense of judgment
to surpass your lack of realization
for your rebellious actions.
Did you think it was cruel?

Cause I've been contemplating on ways to cut you deep
from my long acquired skills.
I poses something you may never understand
even with its most cliche form.
I come from places where music really is therapy
and if you pay close attention
you might just pick something up.
Let's end it with a useful note :
I'm a rebel with a cause and the motive is you.


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